Tuesday June 20, 2017
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Meeting Management: Stop Wasting Time,Start Getting Work Done and Even Have Some Fun

When: June 20, 2017
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Where: Online Event
Phone: 800-385-1627
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Fremont, CA 94539
URL: http://www.trainhr.com/control/w_product/~product_id=701714LIVE/?channel=dawsonnews_june_2017_SEO
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Description: Overview: Meetings dominate business life today. According to the National Statistics Council, 37 percent of employee time is spent in meetings. Other data indicate there are 11 million business meetings each and every day. Meetings come in all shapes and sizes and are held for an infinite variety of reasons to brainstorm, sell, negotiate, inform, brief, present, collaborate, and strategize, to name just a few. They take place in the office, across town, across the country, and around the globe - whether in person, by phone, or by videoconference. Surveys of executives as well as managers found that over 50% of meetings they attend are a waste of time. And with most attending 61 meetings per month, that means that over 30 meetings are just a complete waste of money. But just how much do meetings cost? By analyzing the real cost of meetings - from the hard travel costs to productivity costs - you are in for a startling revelation. What is it costing you? Due to the increased pressure to reduce corporate expenses and the changing dynamics of today's work force, it's time for business to take a look on how to make meetings work - to be effective and productive and cost-effective Why should you Attend: Ask managers what part of their job they find most taxing and tedious and the answer is sure to come in a loud and unanimous voice - Meetings. Too many, too often with too few results. Nothing seemed to get accomplished; the agenda was unclear; people were late or didn't even show up. Let's face it. Meetings have a bad reputation; they are time wasters. The best you can hope for is to get through them. Right? It doesn't have to be that way. If the meetings you manage are not working, you can fix them. But only if you understand what it takes to make a meeting work. Learn how to lead meetings that are focused, productive, participative, and even fun. This webinar enables leaders to improve meeting productivity, to get wider input, to enhance communication and to boost creativity and teamwork. Areas Covered in the Session: The focus of this webinar is to increase a leader's effectiveness in preparing for and leading all kinds of meetings. The areas to be covered are: Identify meeting management problems Pinpoint the cost of ineffective meetings Recognize the 3 stages of meeting management Review three techniques to lead effective meetings Encourage participation and different points of view Know the six key questions to ask before calling a meeting Use 4 simple tools to keep discussions and meetings on track Manage problem behaviors-the Latecomer,the Talker,the Busybody,the Wanderer,the Arguer Who Will Benefit: CEO's COO's CFO's VP of Human Resources Chief Learning Officer Directors Project Managers Operation Managers Supervisors Team Leaders Human Resources Professionals Instructo r: Marcia Zidle, MS, NCC, BCC is the CEO of Leaders At All Levels and a board certified executive coach based in Dallas Texas. She works with executives, management teams and high potential professionals ON THE MOVE! They want to move up to the next level – ahead of their competition – into new areas – over and around obstacles – beyond business as usual – towards a sustainable future. Event link : http://www.trainhr.com/con trol/w_product/~product_id =701714LIVE/?channel=dawso nnews_june_2017_SEO Co ntact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: support@trainhr.com Twitt er Follow us: https://twitter.com/TrainH R1


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