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Quality Chips Are the Best Choice

Success in poker is determined by two factors; the cards you are dealt and how you bet those cards. This applies in the casino, on-line or at home in a friendly game with your home poker buddies. Making the right bet at the right time will allow you to get the most out of your poker hand. How you organize and manage the proceeds of your betting, i.e. your winnings, will determine your eventual overall ...

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Playgrounds Aren't for Children Only

Ever wonder why playgrounds are so generalized to children only? Well, I have, and I think it's the trend of seeing children playing which forces us to think that it's meant for them only. What staggers me most is the fact that when you reach your mid-twenties, you aren't expected to be seeing enjoying yourself as freely as you would in your teenage years. So why's that so? Why does the notion of enjoyment and ...

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Wife Carrying?!? Odd Sports Around the World

Tired of your favorite football team not winning? Here are some weird, odd and unusual sports from around the world: (By Lisa Mason)

Chess Boxing: This interesting sport is a combination of chess and boxing. It pits brawn and brain, and there are different games alternating after each round. A match can last up to 11 rounds, starts with 4 minutes of a chess round, and is followed by 2 minutes of ...

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Dawson County Tigers softball

Dawson County High School 8 vs. Rabun 0
Sep 15 2011Scored by Gary Moulder
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Dawson County High School
0 0 2 2 4 8 8 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
Final - League Game
Game Recaps are automatically generated from play-by-play and linescore data, and are currently undergoing extensive testing.

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